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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Manufacturer

  Established in 2006, Yiwu Fuyuan Houseware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of microfiber cleaning products.
  At Fuyuan, we take pride in providing professional OEM/ODM customized services. Our dedicated team is committed to integrating microfiber industry resources to meet customers’ specific requirements.
  We specialize in producing and supplying microfiber cleaning cloth,microfiber dish towel,microfiber mops, microfiber cleaning wipe,microfiber sponge,microfiber brush,cleaning kit and set,and all kinds of customized products.Known for our superior quality, our products are highly sought after in Europe, North America,South America,South Korea,Japan and other countries.
  We are constantly developing and improving products. Our health care antibacterial microfiber cloth have been washed 20 times 15 years ago, then 50 times, and now they can be washed at least 100 times and still have antibacterial effects.
  Choose Fuyuan as your reliable partner for all your wholesale cleaning product needs.
  Contact us immediately to discuss your requirements and explore the possibility of working with us in supplying customized microfiber cleaning cloth.

Customized Service


Our cleaning  towels can be  custom made to any size.

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Our cleaning towels can be customized in any color.

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Our cleaning towels can be customized in any pattern.


We can customize the packaging according to the requirements of different customers.

Our professional sales and service team will give the best solution according to the different requirements of different customers. Our microfiber cleaning clothes can be customized from all dimensions such as color, size, design, packaging, etc.

Service Team

We have a professional and efficient service team. Strong professional skills and quick response.

After-sales Support

We have always provided customers with high-quality after-sales protection. It is precisely because of this that we have received more and more customers.

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microfiber cleaning cloth
microfiber cleaning cloth

Why Choose Us

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High Quality Raw Material

Our company has always been a loyal participant in advocating environmental protection. We use high-quality environmentally friendly materials that have passed certification to ensure the quality of our products.

Strict Quality Inspection

Our dedicated quality inspection department meticulously oversees each production stage, guaranteeing that every product leaving our facility aligns with customer requirements and industry standards.


Our Happy Clients!

We have been a loyal customer of this microfiber cloth supplier for over 5 years. Their product quality and consistency is truly unmatched in the industry. Their customer service goes above and beyond – they swiftly resolve any issues and proactively provide solutions.

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Jemma Stone

As a facility manager, I highly recommend this PVA cloth supplier. Their cloths are incredibly absorbent, fast-drying, and leave zero streaks or residue behind. My cleaning staff loves using them. Their sales team has taken time to understand our specific needs.

generated image rli53d

Kelly Joe

We are delighted with this factory’s microfiber mops – the fibers are densely packed for superior dirt and dust pickup. Their production team goes out of their way to ensure customized orders are perfect. Our partnership continues to thrive after 7 years.

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Stella Alba

How Do We Do?

The secret of our success is to start from the customer’s point of view.


Develop cleaning products that solve specific pain points - research and innovates to meet unique business needs.


Offer flexible customization options on bulk orders - enable bespoke solutions for business clients.


Utilize search engine optimization best practices - optimize website for keywords business buyers use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a microfiber cleaning clothes factory. The company mainly produces Microfiber towels, bulk microfiber towel, car cleaning towels, kitchen cleaning towels, PVA cleaning towels, Microfiber dusters, Microfiber mops and other cleaning products. Compared with other companies, we have the following advantages:

1: We utilize patented manufacturing processes to produce the highest quality microfiber and PVA cloths.
2: Our cloths, including bulk microfiber towel, are specially engineered for commercial and industrial cleaning applications.
3: We offer complete customization and branding options for large-volume B2B buyers.
4: Our cleaning cloths, including bulk microfiber towel, are manufactured with cutting-edge proprietary materials not found at other factories.
5: We have unparalleled quality control and stringently test products, including bulk microfiber towel, to ensure flawless performance.

Microfiber cleaning cloths trap and lock in dust and dirt thanks to their dense, split microfiber construction. They clean using just water, without chemicals. Our microfiber cloths are ultra- durable, stain resistant, and can be washed and reused over 100 times. They also dry quickly and are extremely cost-effective.
Our ultra-fine microfiber cloths trap dirt and dust thanks to the dense split fibers that possess millions of microscopic wedges. When used wet, the wedge-shaped splits flex to better penetrate and clean surfaces.

The ultra-fine fibers can remove up to 99% of bacteria using just water, making these cloths ideal for disinfecting surfaces in settings like hospitals. They are also highly effective at polishing and detail cleaning cars, glass, and electronics without chemicals.

Our microfiber cloths are exceptionally durable despite daily industrial washing. This reusability over 100 times makes them extremely cost-effective for business use.

With custom branding and packaging, these cloths also make excellent giveaway promotional items for tradeshows, corporate events, and businesses.

Getting a bulk microfiber towel order quote is easy – call or email us your desired cloth materials, quantities, dimensions, colors, and any customizations. We’ll provide a prompt quote with pricing and minimums. We offer flexible fulfillment options tailored to your needs with discounts at tiered volumes.

Our company was established in 2006, and has been engaged in the production and sales of microfiber cleaning clothes, including bulk microfiber towel, since its establishment, mainly to Europe, America, and other countries. There is already a sound and scientific process to assist our customers to get the products they want smoothly.

1: Our excellent customer service and technical support, helps solve client problems quickly.
2: We offer flexible and scalable ordering options, to meet each client’s unique needs.
3: Our operations team, with decades of experience, ensures on-time delivery of high-volume B2B orders, including for bulk microfiber towel.
4: We build long-term partnerships with clients through transparent communication and support, including for bulk microfiber towel.
5: Our supply chain resources and partnerships ensure a stable inventory and production capacity, including for bulk microfiber towel.

Our company has a professional quality inspection team and strict manufacturing processes:

1:We source high quality imported microfiber raw materials from audited suppliers to ensure the fibers are pristine and free of contaminants.
2:During production, we use automated equipment and strictly control every process to avoid human error.
3:We utilize advanced testing devices like fiber strength testers to mechanically test the strength and elasticity of randomly sampled products.
4:We have established a robust quality management system that closely monitors product appearance quality and dimensions.
5:Our professional lab can test for chemical residue and harmful substances in products to ensure compliance.
6:We engage third-party testing agencies to regularly conduct comprehensive tests and inspections on our products, ensuring 100% qualification batch by batch.
7:We comprehensively record production and testing data for every batch, from raw material to finished product, for quality traceability.
8:Our advanced ERP system monitors equipment status, output, and defect rate for alerts.
9:We regularly conduct employee training to ensure they possess the latest quality management knowledge.
10:We are ISO 9001 certified for our quality management system.
Through these rigorous quality controls, we ensure the consistent quality of every product delivered to our customers.

Yes, we offer free samples for our  microfiber cleaning clothes order. We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and suitability of our products for your needs before placing a larger order. Please contact our customer support to discuss your sample requirements and any associated costs, as there might be shipping or handling charges for sample requests.

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